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Your data

Companies with the right data and visibility will have a tremendous advantage over their competition.


A comprehensive view of your business is critical for key decisions about your customers, marketing, products & services, staffing, operations, investments, and performance. 

D2R Partners was founded by operators, not consultants.  Let us help you break down data silos, speed up analysis and decision making, and ultimately use data as a strategic tool in your company.  It works and we know how to get you there.


Your Trusted Partner in Data

Harness your oceans of data into a powerful force for growth.

Marketing Performance

When you spend a dollar on marketing, is it creating long-term value for your business? Are you acquiring & retaining the right customers for profitable growth? Are you over spending, under spending, or throwing money away? Our data scientists have extensive experience across all marketing channels and will help you better understand the true marketing performance. We will bring clarity to your customer's value as well as your product or service value to ensure your marketing investments are creating profitable growth. 

Data Warehouse and Lake Development

Building a comprehensive data lake or data warehouse can be daunting. Our clients either lack the IT headcount to build their own storage or their IT teams are already overwhelmed with other projects. We make the process extremely simple. We have very little reliance on internal IT resources and bring all of the engineers to you.

Integrating NetSuite, Shopify, Salesforce and other popular systems

Cloud-based SAAS systems have become critical to many businesses. Unfortunately, unlocking and integrating that critical data has been difficult. D2R Partners specializes in extracting data from these systems, integrating it with other key data sources, and providing you the comprehensive view of your business you need to thrive in our digital economy.

The D2R Tech Board

Some of our clients need to significantly improve some portion of their IT infrastructure and they need help. D2R Partners provides a temporary board of advisors comprised of CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, and technology-centric CMOs to help guide you and your teams. We help guide transformations in IT infrastructure, software development, internal support systems, and data systems.


Wherever you are at with your data, we have you covered. See how we can start helping you and your organization today.



We sync your NetSuite and Shopify data into a secure location and we transform your data into useful models, unlocking vast reporting and analytics opportunities.

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